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Environmental Charter School:
School for Grades 6 - 8

3rd Year Spring 2019  \\  Bloomfield, Pittsburgh, PA

The Environmental Charter School is designed to both support academic activities as well as serve as an educational tool itself. The ECS of Pittsburgh places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, global perspectives and outdoor learning, and the building is designed to advance these goals. In this 12-week-long project, we used various simulation algorithm to assess and improve the performance of the building. We also design the structural organization under the guidance of some structural engineers. 

My proposal of Environmental Charter School intends to create a dynamic and active learning environment for the students while integrates the needs from the community. The entire school is divided into three parts: the classrooms, circulation, and common spaces. Besides the traditional classrooms, the circulation space in front of the classroom clusters on each floor is served as a third classroom, or neighborhood for students in the same grade. This neighborhood will create a more dynamic learning space and sense of community, enhancing the collaboration and communications between students.

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