Center for Urban Agriculture:
Urban Farming & Social Gathering

2nd Year Fall 2017  \\  East Liberty, Pittsburgh, PA

The project is a outreach center for education and community engagement; urban barn for supporting large scale, dispersed agricultural practices in the city; and greenhouse for extending the growing season in Pittsburgh’s climate.

For this project, I developed a building proposal for a new center for Urban Agriculture in Pittsburgh. The center serves as a hub supporting urban gardening and farming activity in Pittsburgh. 

The main goal of my project is to integrate educational and social activities in the urban agriculture center. Therefore, the planting areas are combined with the social activity areas in order to serve as an educational tool and display various planting techniques while the visitors are walking and doing different activities.
Since this project revolves around growing, sunlight accessibility is a major design concept. Starting from when the sun is at the highest point, which is 12p.m., my design radiated outward from there.